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Premier Multi-Specialty Healthcare in Patna

Embark on a journey of exceptional healthcare with ANS HOSPITAL, your haven for premier multi-specialty services in Patna. From expert physicians to cutting-edge facilities, relish top-tier care, encompassing the Best ICU Care and an unparalleled Painless Delivery Facility in Patna. Your health is our priority.


  1. Internal Medicine
  2. Pediatrics
  3. Surgery
  4. Gynecology
  5. Orthopedics
  6. Cardiology
  7. Nurology
  8. Ophtalmology
  9. Dermatology
  10. ENT 

Our Facilities

At ANS Hospital,  we’re committed to your well-being with our round-the-clock essential services: 24/7 Emergency Care, Pharmacy & Ambulance Services, advanced ICU, NICU & PICU, Operation Theaters, Dialysis, Diagnostics & Imaging, Physiotherapy & Rehab, and tailored Health Check-up plans. Your health, our focus!

Our Location

Shree Hanuman Dham, Above Canara Bank, Ashiana Digha Road, Patna – 800025

Make An Appointment

Booking your appointment at ANS Hospital is simple and hassle-free. Whether it’s for a consultation, procedure, or check-up, our user-friendly online platform lets you schedule your visit effortlessly. Just a few clicks and you’re on your way to exceptional healthcare tailored to your needs. We care about your time and well-being.

About Us

Empowering Health, Enriching Lives: Your Trusted Partner in Exceptional Care.

Welcome to ANS Multi-Speciality Centre, a leading multi-speciality hospital in Patna, Bihar. Renowned for our exceptional team of doctors, including urologists, Gynaecologists, Neurologists, and Surgeons, respected across Patna for their expertise in providing diverse healthcare services.

As one of the Best  Patna’s private hospitals, we offer remarkable healthcare facilities combined with lettest technology and advanced medical equipment, ensuring top-notch treatment outcomes. Our fully equipped diagnostic center, comprehensive OPD and IPD services, Ambulance facility, Critical care ICU, and well-stocked pharmacy cater to all your healthcare needs.

With all amenities under one roof, our center provides seamless treatments for various ailments. Experience savings in time, money, and resources while receiving holistic care.

At ANS Multi-speciality Center, your well-being is our priority, offering exceptional healthcare services tailored to your requirements.


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Our Promise

Committed to excellence, trust, and compassionate care—our promises is to  ensure your health and satisfaction every step


At ANS Multi-speciality Centre, we’re dedicated to your well-being and satisfaction. Our commitmentis to provide excellence and compassionate care to you leade to ensures a seamless, convenient healthcare experience. Trust us for efficiency, ease, and your peace of mind.

Clinical Quality

ANS Hospital: Leading clinical quality healtchcare destination through advanced techniques and expert care, ensuring unparalleled standards, patient-centric approach, and excellence in healthcare services.


ANS Hospital stands as a beacon of clinical excellence, promising not just exceptional treatment but a steadfast commitment to ongoing support. We extend our care beyond hospital confines, ensuring accessibility and continuous assistance for our valued patients’ well-being.

Why People Trust Us

The quest for the best hospital care in Patna ends here, where exceptional medical expertise meets compassionate treatment, setting a standard that surpasses expectations and heals with care.

High Quality Clinic

At ANS Hospital, our commitment to delivering the highest quality clinic services surpasses mere promises

Unmatched Expertise

At ANS Hospital, we led innovation met with highly experienced professionals intertwined seamlessly with compassion.

Precise Result

At ANS Hospital, we integrate modern technologies to enhance patient care and provide exceptional efficiency in medical outcomes.

Qualified Staff

At ANS Hospital,Top-notch experience is provided by highly qualified and experienced staff members in their profession.

Our Services


Our Outpatient (OPD) and Inpatient (IPD) care services prioritize personalized attention, cutting-edge treatments, and compassionate care. Discover all-inclusive healthcare options tailored to your need, offering top-notch treatment during your entire medical journey.

Operation Theater

Our Operation Theater (OT) is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed by skilled professionals. Throughout your surgical journey, receive patient-centered care and optimal outcomes through precision, safety, and efficiency in your surgical operations.

Emergency Care

Our emergency care unit is open around-the-clock and offers a smooth transition of care for a variety of medical crises. Whether it’s cardiac distress, severe trauma, respiratory issues, or any urgent medical condition, our dedicated team is trained to respond swiftly and decisively.

General Ward

Our General Ward at ANS Hospital is designed to offer comfortable accommodation and attentive care for patients requiring ongoing medical monitoring and treatment. Our professional medical staff serves patients round-the-clock for a better recovery.


Experience the epitome of ICU, NICU, and PICU care at ANS Hospital in Patna. Modern equipment and highly qualified staff at our state-of-the-art units emphasise critical care and provide unmatched medical care for patients requiring intensive care.

24/7 Pharmacy

Discover convenience and accessibility with our 24/7 Pharmacy Services at ANS Hospital.Our pharmacy opens day and night, offering a large range of medications, professional advice, and prompt prescriptions to ensure that your medical needs are continuously meting your needs .

Latest Case Studies

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, ANS Hospital upheld exceptional healthcare standards despite widespread challenges. Our unwavering commitment ensured consistent care that went above and beyond medical requirements. To continue providing top-notch treatment, we quickly adjusted, put strict safety measures in place, and innovated.Our unshakeable dedication to offering our community top-notch healthcare persisted unabatedly in the face of adversity.

What People Say About Us

Elevate your healthcare experience with ANS Hospital – where every heartbeat matters! Choose us for top-notch care in a world of compassion and innovation.  Rely on ANS Hospital – your well-being is our top concern.


Well Qualified Experienced Team of Doctors. Patient Care is on Top Priority..!! Helpful and accommodating staff. Everything went quickly for a regular checkup. I am highly satisfied! Very good condition of hospital with a great care of patients

ANS Hospital has immense knowledge about therapy and she has very friendly approach towards kids. Also she explains very well about the problem, I highly recommend him.
Experience is good Doctor and nursing staff are very careful. Dr saurav is very good. All drs very good. I am satisfied with this hospital. Very helpful people and family environment.
Dr Nishant Verma is really a nice nd well experienced doctor. With a great team of professionally trained compounders namely, shivshakti. All over it is a great Multispeciality hospital with pocket friendly range.
Dharam Veer

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

Our unique approach centers on integrating cutting-edge technology with compassionate care. Our team of experts collaborates seamlessly, utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostics and personalized treatment plans to address individual health needs comprehensively. At ANS Hospital, our commitment to pioneering precision healthcare remains unwavering, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and setting new standards in healthcare excellence.

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